I can´t emphasize this enough--  that the main ingredient of a human life which gives true fulfillment (that includes: physical health, a calm mind, inner peace, fulfilling one´s purpose on the planet, and an overall stability regardless of external factors) is when we know who we Are. We realize and see clearly that we aren´t our physical body, or our emotions (desires, sensations), nor our mind (thoughts, intellect) that we have taken ourselves to be for so long. We come to know that we are just temporarily using these bodily clothes to give us the chance to experience human life on a physical level. Our perception of the world then becomes very light and spacious. And we feel good on a much deeper level than what our mind is used to!

However, unlike like the daily physical clothes that we wear and can simply remove at any moment, our bodily clothes are much more subtle and  intimate. We can´t remove them so easily. We also wear them for a much longer duration, and so it´s easier to identify with them and think that is who we actually are. Consciousness  seems to forget that it is formless and starts believing it is the mind, emotions, and physical body. The consequence of that belief is we experience strong duality (feeling happy, sad; sick, healthy; satisfied, disappointed; searching, finding; and so on…). We will inevitably always be searching for more knowledge, more healing, more of something, so that we can feel complete. But we will never actually find it to the point of being totally satisfied.

Self-Inquiry was the most simple and direct spiritual tool that I found to help the consciousness become aware of its own Self. But that becomes easier when our bodies become more balanced. When our health imbalances are very deep then our mind can be constantly distracted with bodily pain and symptoms. This can seem to make it impossible for the consciousness to disengage with its clothes and turn inward onto Itself. 

Therefore, some natural medicine and certain life force giving habits (which I call tools) can play a very important part in our life by helping to balance our bodies. A full spectrum healthy lifestyle, our diet,  preserving our sexual energy, using plant medicine, and having a spiritual practice are the principles that can restore a balanced unity within our bodies and then help us to realize that we actually aren´t these bodies.  

The state and nature of humanness is by default-- unbalanced, decaying and impermanent. It will never give us a sense of permanent satisfaction. The best we can do is reach a semblance of balance. This is actually a good thing because it will force us to go beyond our human construct. The inner fire to realize our essential wholeness won´t be put to rest until we recognize that we are consciousness. So in a sense, the more we feel the burn (via our own karmic conditions and bodily identity), the better. I have discovered that these tools coupled with a liberating spiritual practice  complement each other perfectly, and will pave the way for Grace to complete the process for us!